Test: Another go, and finally a (little) ear!

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As I said, I am attempting to bake “taller” loaves, and I tried now to lower the hydration and increased a bit the amount of whole flour. I am not super happy with the results – I guess it’s no secret that higher hydration = better crumb, so my point was to see if I could get something taller and more stable.


  • Pre-ferment: 200g (100g Pivetti type 1 flour) plus 50g sourdough starter
  • 150g Pivetti Manitoba flour
  • 100g Mllerens Fibra (whole wheat flour)
  • 50g Regal rye
  • 10g salt (it became overly salt, 30% less would do)

The good part is that I got to get an ear (a little one, though), which I was trying to do for a while. So it’s true, folks: creating tension when pre-shaping really does magic.

I assume I should probably use tighter bannetons from now on, since I guess the dough ends up getting a bit too loose on those I have.

I wasn’t impressed by the crumb: I think it could have been longer in the oven. But it’s ok, living and learning.

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