Repeating my spontaneous bread

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Ok, this sourdough bread is now on my list of default breads – you know, those I’ll make often and often.

The recipe is here.

Here’s how I do it: I prepare the pre-ferment around 6 hours before, then I make the dough after around 30m-1h autolyse. I mix it with the pre-ferment, do four stretch-and-fold sessions on the first two hours, leave it on bulk fermentation for around 3-4 hours more, or overnight, pre-shape it, leave it resting for 30 minutes, and proof it for one hour at room temp or for some hours on the fridge.

This time I made it grow a bit higher than usual, and I assume it was because I was extra careful with the pre-shaping, adding way more tension to the dough then usual. It surely worked, so I will really focus on getting my pre-shaping technique better. My goal now is to make a proper “ear”.

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