School bread

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One of my main challenges is how to make bread my little daughter will eat. She doesn’t appreciate the crispy crusts that most bread lovers like. She loves good, soft and yummy crumb.

I haven’t perfected a technique to make good, tall sourdough bread without using a form, so today I took the time to attempt to bake nice bread she can make sandwiches to take with her on her lunchbox. I had to cheat and use a form to bake it.

I was not unhappy with the results, though the dough was too wet to score – I had to spill some flour, wait a bit, and then use a nice. It worked, though!


Pre-ferment: 150g Pivetti type 1 flour

  • 150g water
  • 50g sourdough starter (around 80% hydration)
  • Main dough: 
  • 100g Pivetti type 00 flour 
  • 200g Regal spelt flour
  • 50g Møllerens rye
  • 50g Pivetti type 1 flour
  • 255g water

It was a very wet dough, which rendered a very soft and nice bread. I think we have a winner when it comes to school bread! Only thing was that the upper crust was still a bit hard for her, but it’s easy to cut it off.

Nice, soft crumb! Yummy!

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