Another attempt with emmer

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Ok, as I said here, I made this emmer bread, but I didn’t taste it, so I was curious and decided to make it again to see how it actually tastes.

I let the emmer soak water overnight, though it didn’t seem to have any gluten development. This time I doubled the amount of emmer.


Pre-ferment: 130g Pivetti type 1 wheat flour bio, 130g water, 50g starter


  • 100g emmer
  • 150g Pivetti whole grain flour bio
  • 50g Møllerens rye
  • 75g Regal spelt flour
  • 75g Pivetti wheat flour type 00
  • 50g Pivetti wheat flour type 1
  • 300g water (of which 80g was used for the autolyse of the emmer)
  • 10g salt

I did 4 “stretch and folds” on the first two hours, and let it bulk for around 4 hours after that.

I am pretty happy with the result, though there was some cracks here and there. The loaf got too big and not as tall as I hoped for.

I’ll give it a 8/10 score for taste.

Nice crumb!

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