Bread with a bit of emmer
Bread with a bit of emmer


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I am one of those corona-bakers, or whatever they call those who started to bake like crazy during the pandemic. It all started with my cousin sharing a recipe of how to make the type of bread Brazilians eat just about every single day. 

But it wasn’t until I started with sourdough  that I got absolutely hooked into baking. Sourdough is unpredictable, leaves little margin for errors, the flour one uses has a bigger impact, etc. But when you make it right, the bread is just amazing. 

Since March we haven’t bought a single bread at the supermarket. All we eat has been homemade. Of course, this is only possible due the use of home office, since sourdough requires little checkups on the span of many hours. It’s perfectly compatible with working, since it requires just a few minutes, but those minutes are spread into a few tasks, so you need to be close to the dough. 

My sourdough starter, or the two of them, have names, according to the classic sourdough tradition: Bob Pa and Bob son (which is a translation to English from the Portuguese names of Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, a popular cartoon from when I was a child. 

But enough of presentations! Thanks for reading this. My main purpose is to document my attempts -successful and failed ones – to make bread. I am nowhere close to make great bread, but it seems that the frisbee days are gone, where every loaf I try to make would become a frisbee or a paperweight. 

Today I tried to use wholemeal emmer. I had this 2kg package but never managed to bake anything nice with it, not when using sourdough anyway. Never got good gluten out of it. But today I had an idea: what if I use just 50g of it and add it to my faithful Italian flours that never fail?

This was what I did:

300g of 100% hydration preferment (with Italian Wheat flour type one)

50g sourdough starter (for the preferment)

50g emmer

50g rye flour 

100g Italian flour type 00

200g Italian wholemeal wheat 

I did it with 280g of water, which makes this a 75% hydration dough (taking into account 150g of water on the pre-ferment). 

I used a kitchen machine for kneading, then I did stretch and fold 4 times on the first two hours. Then it had a bulk fermentation of around 3,5 hours, and went right to the basket and to the fridge: no preshape since the dough felt really right. 

20 hours later I baked it. It got a thinner loaf than I hope for, but at least it didn’t flatten out when taking it into the baking tray as is the case Wigan I use Norwegian whole flour to bake. Why? Beats me. 

It cracked a bit on the middle, something that annoys me, but hey! At least it grew!  

Bread with a bit of emmerI can’t say about the taste, since I didn’t make it for myself. I hope it tastes good!

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