It’s the proofing time, stupid!

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Ok, this week I really tried to be patient with my bread making and decided to experiment a bit.

I was successful with getting a better rise for my loaf, as described here. What I did was to reduce the hydration and increase the proofing time. It worked well.

Now I tested what was the main factor for rising: a less hydrated dough or a longer proofing time. So I decided to bake a specially wet dough:


  • 150g levain: 50g starter, 50g Pivetti Tipo 1 flour, 50g water
  • 50g Pivetti Integrale 
  • 50g Tipo 00 flour
  • 120g Pivetti Tipo 1 flour
  • 30g Møllerens rye
  • 100g Regal spelt
  • 250g water

It was a 70% hydration dough, but if you look closely you will see that 90% was white dough, so it was a pretty wet dough.

I let it in the fridge for 18 hours, and to be honest I think it should have stayed a bit longer. I did the poking test, and I think. it could have waited to go to the oven, but I decided to bake it anyway. No autolyse (shame), 2h of stretch-and-folds, another 2 hour for bulk fermentation (total of 4h), pre-shaping, 30min, and then shaping+fridge proofing.

I am not happy with the height, though, but I am not sure this test was conclusive, as I got the feeling it could have proofed longer. I will try the same recipe with longer proofing to see if I get a better oven spring.

But oh boy, the taste was amongst the best I ever had…

And look at this crumb:

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