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Ok, folks… What can I tell you? It’s been a busy week…

Today I was at my friend’s coffee shop (the owner of it is a Portuguese old man, very nice guy) and, as I was having my favorite coffee, there was this huge wind blowing with lots of dust. I wear contact lenses, and got half of the city dust in my eye… I wish contact lenses were more comfortable… but comparing to the other option (wearing glasses, in my case HEAVY glasses), I’ll just stick to the lenses.

My car still had this leakage of power steering fluid. Gosh, my car is spending more time on my mechanics garage than with me…

Musics I’ve been listening:

Nina Simone – Sinnerman mix
Daniel Powter – Bad Day

It’s been good to hearing something else than Ted Gärdestad… eheheh

Strange that I bought this webcam (it’s called iSight, as every Mac user knows), because suddenly I’ve got no one to make videoconference, or at least to make decent videoconference – the only program that does it free and good is iChat!

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  1. I think you look so cute with your glasses.

  2. I was at the college when that hurricane arrived… My eyes were also (almost) covered with dust, when every grain of dust over my lenses felt like one hundred…

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