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Yesterday I came back from this boring thing I had to attend to, and called a friend, one of those friends that could perfectly be your brother, and he tells me his grandma died. It was just the right time to pack my stuff and get on a bus to get to Salvador. Not only to be here for this friend, but also because I had to say my last good-bye to his grandma. She had the sweetest smile, and she cared so much about myself, that it was a pleasure to go to their place and spend some time there. Not to mention her food.

I never know what to say to people when this happen. Are there any right words? No, having said weird stuff in the past, I just wanted to shut up this time. I did said to his mom “Hey, you know, I loved that mother of yours…”. I can’t measure the pain, except my own. I just wanted to be here for them, and to grief in silence.

While here in Salvador I’ll try to sort somethings out, and to forget others. And grief, and wait, and sweat like hell (gosh, does it NEED to be this hot here????).

One thing is certain: I’ve made up my mind.

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  1. Nessas horas acho que um abraço é bom… Um abraço!

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