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Ok, since there is a long time since I wrote something for the English-speaking readers of this blog, here it comes a little English post.

Nothing much worth of notice has happened lately. I’ve been working a lot lately, under this hot, bad sun… I am still getting some gear to start my own podcast, and have bought most of the stuff through eBay, and the only thing I got so far was my AKG headphones… Oh, they’re good! 😀 (Portuguese-speaking readers must be fed up with this AKG thingie…).

It’s been a tough week, with professional issues making me kinda worried. But, oh, well, that’s life…

Missing Norway… I must be crazy, but I’ve been listening to some kind of Norwegian music that some Norwegians would laugh out loud if the knew that… DDE, Morten Abel, etc… Oh, well. But if any Norwegian reads this and have the lyrics of the Svarta Bjørn Album from Kari Bremnes, I’d be forever thankful if that good soul sends those to me! 😀

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