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Well, an English post, finally, for those non-Portuguese speakers.

Things are fine, though a bit scary. I’m still kinda wondering if I’m a bad person, or a terrible person, or the worst person on Earth. Hopefully I’m just bad… but who knows? 🙂

I don’t know how certain things are so important to people that they keep looking for it instead of the genuine things there’s in life. For instance, there’s going to be a dinner tomorrow for city’s VIP’s. And I was asked if I wanted to go there, because there was only one invitation left for my workplace. I said, ok, but if someone else wanna go, give him/she my invitation. Nobody could understand it!!! Really, I’m not a big fan of meeting the hotshots, or VIP’s. I like genuine people, not status, not titles, not labels, not positions (except the sexual ones.. ;). What’s the point of going to a dinner, wear suits, and talk superficially to people you barely know? No, I like it real. I’d rather have a good time with a good friend, at a good, non-pretentious place. So I said they could take it. But they decided to make a contest, and I said they didn’t need to put my name on it. Well, they did it. They can’t understand that the thing just isn’t appealing to me. Guess what? I won the contest! Heck, I gave it to the cute colleague that works here, but my boss wants me to go. And she wants me to take the colleague with me, as company. Gosh, I just thought I could escape…

My iBook scared the hell out of me today. I was typing, just using the battery, and the thing turned off by itself. And wouldn’t turn on again!!! Having lots of stuff I need for TOMORROW on its HD, I freaked out. But turned out that resetting its PMU made the think happy again. Phew….

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  1. Did you change the default language of your posts? You alredy have two!

  2. Nooo, I just felt like writing the last one in English, that´s all… The default language is and will always be Portuguese… 😉

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